Maria Teaches Budgeting & Creating a Savings Plan.

Take control of your finances and prepare for the future with Maria's class and tips.

Neil's Excel & Google Spreadsheets 


Neil takes his experience from hedge funds and the high school class to teach you excel for business or personal use. 

Phil's Leadership Development for Personal & Corporate


Phil's experience transformational work with many Fortune 500 can help take your company to the next level.

Janet's Organizational Consulting


Coaching for startups and corporate companies with a 'Dare to think differently' approach to produce new results in your professional

and personal life.

Sarah's 'You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To Do'


A PowerPoint show-and-tell like you've never seen before. Dynamic, Motivational and inspiring. Sarah challenges you to try new things.

Gord's Effective Communication & Service Excellence


Taught by a former hospitality manager. Learn how to communicate & get the results you want.

Diane's Voice & Performance for Public Speaking


Master the art of public speaking with Diane who teaches speech, drama & is a neurolinguistic practitioner

Gord's Time Management: Make the Most of your Time


A hospitality manager teaches you how to identify your time style and find out where you can improve for more efficiency 

Aligning Your Sense of Purpose with Baila 


Baila's years of life coaching will give you tools to manage whatever life throws your way. Take control and get back in the driver's seat. 

Lean into Learning - How to Set & Meet Goals with Barry


A Senior Hospitality Management Executive teaches you how to learn & reach the goals you desire!

E-Learning Facilitation with Maria


Australia's largest vocational school's facilitator teaches you how to create collaborative virtual classes for optimal learning

Dr. George's Managing & Growing Your Startup


An internationally recognized strategy and operations consultant and MBA 

professor outlines your business considerations

Kevin's Fundamentals to Advanced Exceli

20+ years developing applications and teaching math to students in person and online

How to Start a Non-Profit with Jim

A festival producer/director who has consulted and sat on the board of several non-profits shares his knowledge.

Peter Teaches Developing Customer Relationships 

With years of experience in the hospitality and private aviation sectors, Peter shares his top tips.

David Teaches Online Public Speaking for Leadership 


Master practical techniques for effective and persuasive online public speaking for the lecturer, leader, and rabbi!

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