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Bill, A chessmaster, chess author, chess journalist, and chess addict shares his love for the game and tips for your next plays in small interactive groups.

You'll end up with loads of fun trivia facts too!

Chess Openers


Everyone's doing it.

Get ready to start baking beautiful loaves with this beginner class by

Faigie's, a retired nurse and midwife.

Your First Sourdough Starter


Francis, artist and illustrator, teaches the scientific benefits of doodling while helping you transform your own into illustrations.

Turn Doodles into Illustrations


Need a paint job? Shaky closet? Finally fixing things around the house and not sure how to get it done?

Mechel, the guy who built his own house, will answer all your questions and tell you how to use your home tools, and materials needed.

Fix Your Own Home Repairs


Declutter. Reorganize. And all the adulting stuff.

Turn your home and work space into, well, space.

Anna, an organizational guru, will start you on the path to peace of mind.

Home Makeover 101


Sheila, an art teacher and art gallery owner, teaches you basic techniques to get you started with the magic of watercolours.

Watercolor Sketching


Turn the light on to Shakespeare, Voltaire, Hemmingway, and all your soon-to-be favourite classics.

Denise breaks it down in her passionate, interactive lesson for the curious mind.

Loving Classic Literature


Sew your hems.

Make a face mask.

Patch your jeans.

Has there ever been a better time to pick up this skill? Malka takes her education from FIT to your computer. You'll be sewing beginner items with the correct techniques in this 40 minute session!

Sewing by Hand


Janine, our residence chef teaches you how to make delicious, quick dinners in 40 minutes while meeting 4 potential new friends.

Check out our calendar of delicious options this month!

Quick & Healthy Dinner


Master the art of public speaking with Diane, a neurolinguistic practitioner who teaches speech and drama for performance acting.

Public Speaking: It's Your Voice


Bucket list goals coming for you.

Patricia, a writer, former professor at John Hopkins and published author, teaches how to write a memoir for yourself, or someone important, in 28 days.

Live your Life: Write your own Obituary


A must-have if you are at home in your sweats and dreaming up your next weekend trip away.

Allyson, a globetrotting travel enthusiast who still consults for her New York office, will bring the world to your screen!

Let's Dream of Travel

We love to hear the topics you what you want to learn 

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