Loving Classic Literature 

Turn the light on to Shakespeare, Voltaire, Hemmingway, and all your soon-to-be favourite classics. 


Denise breaks it down in her passionate, interactive lesson for the curious mind.

When Doodling Meets Science

Francis, artist and illustrator, teaches the scientific benefits of doodling while helping you transform your own into illustrations.

How to Find Time for Everything

Answer: impossible

But you CAN find 20 minutes to learn how to prioritize and make the most of your time.

Gord, former hospitality and golf club manager has the answers here.

Peek into the Supreme Court 

An informal look and funny stories from the courtroom.  

Peter shares his experiences as a Supreme Court Judge. 


Guaranteed to pique the interest of all curious legal minds.

Finding the Power to Parent

Shoshana, a published author, faculty member of the Neufeld Institute, group facilitator and founder of the Life centre brings an interactive session that makes navigating parenthood just a little bit easier.

Public Speaking: It's your Voice

Master the art of public speaking with Diane, a neurolinguistic practitioner who teaches speech and drama for performance acting.

Learn the Fundamentals of Excel

An introduction and in-depth understanding of Microsoft Excel like you've never experienced before.


Kevin, with 20+ years of developing applications and teaching Microsoft Excel, brings his passion and excitement for the subject to every lesson. 

Biblical Highlight: Book of Prophets 

Bring the stories of Joshua, Samuel and all your bible heroes to life with Goldie's super informative session.

Ask all the big questions, and learn how much we have in common.

Master Excel Spreadsheets 

Neil, an excel expert, takes his experience from hedge funds and the high school class to teach you excel for business and personal use.

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