Taught by Dr. Elaine Dembe

Toronto, Canada

Alleviate Stress & Focus on Back Care with Dr. Elaine

Elaine is a Doctor of Chiropractic and is in private practice since 1978. She is also a life coach, author of 2 books and professional keynote speaker. Her expertise is in back care and posture, preventive exercises (do's and don'ts) and stress strategies.


This 40 minute group session will focus on alleviating stress. Dr. Elaine will teach you  how to switch from the emergency ‘fight or flight’ system to the ‘rest and digest’ relaxation system. She will also teach stress strategies and demonstrate back strengthening exercises as well. 


Users can also ask questions on the chat that she will answer during the session.


Elaine is a septuagenarian, with boundless energy! She writes poetry and just released her debut inspirational RAP video on you tube under Dr.EDCmusic. She is also a former competitive marathon runner (17 marathons) and climbed Kilimanjaro for her 60th birthday. Elaine is married to her soulmate and loves her life!

She is currently revising her best-selling book, formally called 'Use the Good Dishes', Finding Joy in Everyday Life. Her new book will be available in May which is most relevant during this global challenge