Peer Support for Coping with Depression & Bipolar


A former school deputy 

principal will walk you through the steps when dealing with depression and bipolar

Denise's Train Your Brain: Mental Stimulation for a Healthier Mind


Stimulation helps stave off the onset of premature aging, depression and early mental deterioration.

Faigie's PreNatal Birthing Classes.


This class prepares future and current moms for a 

holistic birthing experience 

and post-partum natural healing 

Chiropractor's Back Care & Alleviate Stress with Dr. Elaine 


Sit straighter, alleviate back pain and experience better sleep with Dr. Elaine's expert advice

Aligning Your Sense of Purpose with Baila 


Baila's years of life coaching will give you tools to manage whatever life throws your way. Take control and get back in the driver's seat. 

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Send us your suggestions