Maria's Financial Budgeting & Creating a Savings Plan.

Take control of your finances and prepare for the future with Maria's class and tips.

Faigie's Guide to Making Your First Sourdough Starter


Everyone's doing it. Get ready to start baking beautiful loaves with this beginner's class

Writing Your Memoir in 28 Days with Patricia 


A writer, former professor at John Hopkins, and author of 7 memories, a 20-minute per day guide to checking this off your bucket list.

Allyson's Travel Tips & Consulting


A must-have if you are dreaming up your next vacation or have been affected by cancelled plans


Sewing By Hand


A practical class for both kids and adults. Malka has you sewing beginner items and gives you a grasp for the correct techniques.

Shoshana's Parenting Series: Finding Your Power to Parent


Join Shoshana's interactive session to make navigating parenthood just a little bit easier  

Sarah's 'You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To Do'


A PowerPoint show-and-tell like you've never seen before. Dynamic, Motivational and inspiring. Sarah challenges you to try new things.

Parenting Intervention Techniques with Baila


Baila provides support and training to parents and educators & to kids

Traditional Challah Baking with Malka.

20 minutes where you'll learn how to mix, knead, let rise and perfect your braiding techniques. Malka will also share the background of this weekly Jewish custom.

Mechel's Home DIY Contractor's Tips


Finally fixing things up around the house but not sure how to get it done? Mechel will answer all your home repair questions

Get Your Home/Office Organized with Anna

Declutter & reorganize your living and work space for reasons such as moving, downsizing or general peace of mind.

Maria's How-To-Adult


Your mom for hire is here to teach you how to iron, cook quick meals, manage your time, and be one skill more self-sufficient.

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Send us your suggestions