Jim Goettler

Suquamish , Washington, USA

A Festival Producer /Director Shares the History of Folk Music


Jim's 30+ years in performance, producing music festivals around the US and his background in teaching make him the perfect SĀGE to enrich your appreciation for the evolvement of music and its rich history.

What will I learn in 20 minutes?

An informal chat on the history of music


Jim's passion is music. In his professional career he's directed and produced festivals all around the US west coast.  He has also been a board member and consulted extensively for many non-profit organizations in the areas of educational, political and preservation efforts. He has also been involved with organizing community and political events, coordinating rallies, meetings, nature cleanups, and strategies that raised millions for their causes.

Jim authored 'Everything Non-Profit' after a request from a publisher following his youtube videos, and 'Everything Guide to Starting a Non-Profit'. He also taught on the subject. 

His personal business card says' Consultant to the Resistance', in his words: 'It may be resistance to pain, or sorrow, or any number of things - yes - up to and including resistance to bad things happening to good people.'
Jim lives in a small town a ferry ride from Seattle. On any day you can find him playing his penny whistle, or hammered dulcimer.