Taught by Maria D'Angelo

Sydney, Australia

E-Learning Facilitation

1 hour class

Maria ​teaches how to deliver your classes or subject online and how to engage students/users. She will show you how to create collaboration activities, work in groups, monitor learners using tools such as Microsoft Teams, Adobe Connect, and Zoom and how to facilitate the groups and bring them together to review their work. 

What you need to participate in this session

  1. Below, at checkout, you will be asked what you hope to learn from this session.

  2. Have a virtual online platform so you can practise exercises together and review your content and teaching style together.

What you will get out of this class

You will be better prepared to teach in larger groups and encourage online collaboration.


Maria is a retired trainer/facilitator for Tafe, Australia's largest trade school for professionals. She was head of department in the Business & Technology area for 20 years and played a part in bringing their classes online. Her main role was teaching teachers how to teach and engage their students. 

Maria has been using virtual technology for many years, and was running virtual parties years ago with her friends, mostly during her travels, so they can catch up over a glass of wine.

These days you can find Maria road tripping with her husband in their converted school​ bus and dancing through their travels. Her passion is cooking Italian dishes and writing for her blog. She's into sustainability, a minimalist, and describes herself as a countessa-turned-hippie.

We modified our fixed rate to reflect the current global crisis and to enable the greatest amount of people to benefit from the experience SĀGE. We are offering 5$ service fee and you are welcome to tip at your discretion. 


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