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Master your spreadsheets

In-depth fundamentals to optimize Excel


Hi! I'm


I'm a college math major, math teacher, and someone with a computer software background. I naturally gravitated to Excel - so, call me a nerd.  But the other side of my brain played a role in my life, too: a former drummer in a rock band, years of equestrian competition in the jumper division, and producer of fitness TV shows for ESPN. 

Years ago I catalogued a friend's extensive wine collection in Excel. So, everyone's passion can be helped in some way with Excel - budgets, financial forecasting, statistical analysis, and of course, managing your wine collection.  I've developed applications in Excel for corporations for decades, including the first mainframe-based spreadsheet application that was functionally equivalent to Lotus and Excel (called ExecuCalc) I grew up in Pennsylvania, and lived in New York City, West Palm Beach, FL before moving to San Diego. 

I have extensive experience tutoring high school students in math as well as SAT and ACT prep


Kevin teaches the fundamentals of Excel; his lessons start at the very beginning and increase in complexity over time and cover formulas, use multiple sheets, and introduce the new features in the latest version of Excel, and lots more.

The 40-min Experience

An opportunity to learn what type of spreadsheet to build for your needs, and guidance on how to set it up properly for optimal results.

max 4 participants

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