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Forget Netflix.
Life experience
is the best content.

sĀge curates the stories and knowledge of people age 65+

and offers an interactive way to bring life experience... to life

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Bill, A chessmaster, chess author, chess journalist, and chess addict shares his love for the game and tips for your next plays in small interactive groups.

You'll end up with loads of fun trivia facts too!

Chess Openers


An introduction and in-depth understanding of Microsoft Excel like you've never experienced before. 

Kevin, with 20+ years of developing applications and teaching Microsoft Excel, brings his passion and excitement for the subject to every lesson. 

Master your spreadsheets


Do you have money sitting in the bank, or want to turn your savings into.. more savings?

Ben takes his years of investment managing and shares this with small personalized sessions right here.

Smart Investing


Janine, our residence chef teaches you how to make delicious, quick dinners in 40 minutes while meeting 4 potential new friends.

Check out our calendar of delicious options this month!

Quick & Healthy Dinner


Find a home for your story,

in just a few easy steps.

Trust us - your life is even more interesting than you imagine.

Not yet 65?

Explore our library of life stories. You can also set up a time to chat or learn something from the people who was there, did that.

Didn't find what you're looking for?

Please be in touch.

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