Learn from the wisdom and vast
experience of older professionals
because wisdom shouldn't retire

Featured Experiences

Sheila, Australia:

Creating a Travel Sketchbook / Watercolour Painting

Diane, New Zealand:

Voice & Performance for Public Speaking 

Patricia, San Diego, CA: 

Intergenerational Partnering to Write a Memoir

Phil, San Antonio, Tx:

Leadership Development for Personal & Corporate

Quite something! Meditation and physics, Einstein and Planck!
It's so much better than a MOOC - I could ask questions to clarify!




SĀGE with friends

Meet 4 people with similar interests
in an interactive 40 minute sessions
Fast & Healthy Dinners
with friends

Janine, our residence chef 

teaches you how to make delicious, quick dinners in 40 minutes while meeting 4 potential new friends. 

Check out our calendar of delicious options this month!

Smart Investing
with friends

coming soon

Watercolor Sketching
with friends

Draw the world around you with Sheila's watercolor classes, teaching you basic techniques with local views from outside your window. 

Even better, meet 3 new friends as you develop your art together! 

Build & Grow a Podcast
with friends

coming soon

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