FAQ for the student

Where do the classes take place?

Our classes take place online, using Zoom, a Video Communications platform so you can see and hear your sage and even share your screen. A unique Zoom link is generated once you book your class, and you can click on the link at the scheduled time and start your online class. Clicking on the link with launch Zoom and take you through the next steps but you don’t actually have to install Zoom as there is also a web browser version.

How are your classes priced?

At this time, our SĀGES have amazingly all agreed to give back to the community and are offering FREE 20-minute classes to our users to enable the greatest amount of people to benefit from the SĀGE experience. We offer s tip option following the zoom, and invite you to connect privately with your sāge if you would like a longer experience.

What if I've never used Zoom before?

No problem! At this point, we're experts in helping you get set up. We will schedule a call with you and take you through it all: from camera lighting to sound check, how to share your screen and how to record the class if you want to. What do you know? You signed up to teach from your expertise and are learning something new too!

What are the benefits to booking a sāge experience?

We have probably all tried a Massive Open Online Class (MOOC) or a webinar and didn’t get the targeted attention we wanted and were just left with unanswered questions. Learning gets so much better and easier when it’s personalized. Here, you will connect to and learn from members of a community with years of experience. They don’t just say that they can do it – they HAVE been doing it for decades. These ARE the experts. The value of their experiences is very relevant when it comes to developing your career, hobbies, and any other skill you may want to learn. Plus, you develop a personal relationship - and life is kind of all about that.

I loved the 20 minutes and I want to take a longer one.

That is fantastic! We are so happy to hear that. However, at this point, to respond to the global crisis and to give as many of you the opportunity to tap into the SĀGE experience, we are only offering these 20-minute sessions. However, as you enjoyed your class, you are welcome to connect with your sāge and pay them separately to take their class. Just contact SĀGE Customer Care through our online form here https://www.findasage.com/contact and we will put you both in touch.

Do I need to bring something to the class?

If your class requires you to prepare or bring anything, you will of course receive an email a few days before, so you have enough time to get ready.

Will I get a reminder for my session?

Of course! 1 day before the event, you will get a reminder email and/or text message, which will also again include the Zoom link.

How can I contact my sāge?

Unfortunately, for Privacy reasons, we can’t share email addresses of our sāges. If you want to contact your sāge, please contact SĀGE Customer Care through our online form here https://www.findasage.com/contact

How can I cancel/ reschedule my class?

Life happens, we understood – but please do consider that these are 1:1 sessions, for which your sāge prepared. Therefore, please be considerate and cancel no less than 3 hours before the booked time slot. If you want to reschedule, your confirmation email will give you an option to cancel/reschedule. You can also contact SĀGE Customer Care through our online form here https://www.findasage.com/contact

Will these classes be recorded?

Usually, our classes are not recorded. However, if both you and your sāge agree, classes can be recorded in Zoom and you can receive that recording by email. Some sāges offer this option in technical lessons so you can review the load of information that was given to you in the short 20 minutes.


Class Prices

At this time, our SĀGES have all agreed to give back to the community and are offering free 20 minute classes to users. 

We invite you to connect privately with your SĀGE for a longer learning experience. We would be happy to make the connection.