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Who needs a shaman when you have Baila's one-on-one coaching experience guaranteed to realign your core.

Rated as a 2020 MUST HAVE.

Give her 20 minutes and she'll give you your life back!

Find Your Sense of Purpose


A legend on his own, and honoured with a Doctorate of World Peace, Dr. Joseph teaches you the Science & Technology of Consciousness in an informal and interactive setting.

The Science of Consciousness


Finding the Power to Parent


Baila, a childhood educator, provides support and training to parents, educators and to kids.

Parenting Intervention Techniques


To-be moms, this one's for you!

Prepare for a natural birthing experience and post-partum natural healing with Faigie, a midwife's, prenatal classes.

Holistic Birthing


Declutter. Reorganize. And all the adulting stuff.

Turn your home and work space into, well, space.

Anna, an organizational guru, will start you on the path to peace of mind.

Home Makeover 101


Answer: impossible

But you CAN find 20 minutes to learn how to prioritize and make the most of your time.

Gord, former hospitality and golf club manager has the answers here.

How to Find Time for Everything


Sheila, an art teacher and art gallery owner, teaches you basic techniques to get you started with the magic of watercolours.

Watercolor Sketching


Bucket list goals coming for you.

Patricia, a writer, former professor at John Hopkins and published author, teaches how to write a memoir for yourself, or someone important, in 28 days.

Live your Life: Write your own Obituary


A former school deputy principal and founder of an software learning and early coding program in the 80s, Sandi, will help you find the courage to ask for help and take the right steps toward dealing with depression and bipolar disorder.

Based on her own personal journey.

Peer Support for Mental Health


Phil is a leader in the field of transforming Fortune 500 companies and he's all yours.

Try his one-on-one to up your leadership to surpass both career and personal goals.

Be a Better Leader


Everyone's doing it.

Get ready to start baking beautiful loaves with this beginner class by

Faigie's, a retired nurse and midwife.

Your First Sourdough Starter


Maria, a real adult who also ran administration for Australia's largest vocational schooling is your mom for hire.

Learn how to iron, cook quick meals, manage your time, and be one skill closer to self-sufficiency.

How to be a Real Adult


Need a paint job? Shaky closet? Finally fixing things around the house and not sure how to get it done?

Mechel, the guy who built his own house, will answer all your questions and tell you how to use your home tools, and materials needed.

Fix Your Own Home Repairs


A must-have if you are at home in your sweats and dreaming up your next weekend trip away.

Allyson, a globetrotting travel enthusiast who still consults for her New York office, will bring the world to your screen!

Let's Dream of Travel

We love to hear the topics you what you want to learn 

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