We're accessing wisdom

and life experience.

SĀGE is closing the knowledge and experience gap between generations, because the world is a better place without ageism.


We honour the contributions that older, more experienced professionals have made to society, and enable the sharing of practical wisdom and expertise gained over the course of a lifetime.


The best teachers come 

with experience

Here are some other things they come with:

A tool shed that built the house next door, and the shed that houses the tools.

Writing skills that pique your interest and take a reader's imagination to faraway lands.

A string of entrepreneurial successes, and some failures too, but that make them the best mentors.

Grandma Elsie's secret recipe that tempts the grandchildren for Sunday dinner.

That's a lot of resources ready to be accessed. 

Learn something new today. Teach something new today.

At SĀGE, we believe wisdom doesn't retire.