The best teachers come with experience

Here are some other things they come with:

A tool shed that built the house next door, and the shed that houses the tools.

Writing skills that pique your interest and take a reader's imagination to faraway lands.

A string of entrepreneurial successes, and some failures too, but that make them the best mentors.

Grandma Elsie's secret recipe that tempts the grandchildren for Sunday dinner.

That's a lot of resources ready to be accessed. 

Learn something new today. Teach something new today.

At SĀGE, we believe skills are timeless.

We're redefining the

gig economy.

SĀGE is a platform that honours the expertise of the 60+ community and helps foster intergenerational relationships through paid one-on-one classes.


We're on a mission to welcome older adults back into the workforce on their terms by offering a welcoming, easy-to-use system, and flexibility as a priority so there's more time for 


yoga practise

hugging the grandkids

 brisk afternoon walks

writing a book

What's the gig economy? Think of Uber but replace driving with a prolific career or a developed hobby, and replace car with years of experience.The money part is the same.

What's our story?

Our story is your story. Our story is the story of a generation who empowered others to succeed, encouraged dreaming and supported younger generations towards their achievements.

In our story we give, and we get. We learn and we challenge each other. We connect people from around the world on a variety of topics and skills, so everyone walks away benefitting.

Our story is also a new story. Be a part of of it.

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