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Wine. Cheese. Life experience.

Some things just get better with age.


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Rachel was born and raised in Western Australia and has been living in Israel for 5+ years.

Before sĀge, Rachel worked in the Israeli startup ecosystem for 4 years as a tech scout for large corporates abroad.

She is a Board Member at 2x non-profits, proud wife to Eitan, and adoring/tired mother of dynamo lady toddler, Leora. 

Fun fact: Rachel accidentally wrote a novel and represented Israel in netball in the European World Championships and Maccabiah Games.




Esther was born and raised in Montreal, living in Tel Aviv for 7+ years.

Esther built sĀge for her parents - a solution that would monetize their unique skills to generate a supplemental income in their pension.

Esther is an interior designer having worked in some of Israel's top architecture firms.

She is also co-founder of the Under the Line design firm.

Fun fact: Esther was Vice Principal of a school and lives on a rooftop that she pretty much built with her own two hands.

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