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Filming for TV & Video
60 min (coming soon)


Daniel​'s will teach you what he's learned in his 30+ years of experience as a camera operator for Hollywood TV shows.

What will I learn in 20 minutes?

This short session will allow you to ask an expert questions related to filming and photography for your own shooting and stills.



Daniel has been a union camera technician for 30+ years, mostly on Los Angeles based tv shows shooting in the Vancouver area. 

He is originally from Montreal and graduated with a Fine Arts degree from Concordia University. He joined IATSE 667 in 1986 and interned on "Three Men and a Baby" the same year. The f film industry exploded and he's been fortunate to have been working in the business for 35 years, and loves sharing his expertise with the next generation. 

Daniel Henshaw

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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