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Jim Hatch

Surrey, BC, Canada

Photoshop for



Jim will have​ you using Photoshop like a pro, because he is a pro! Learn how to take your editing capabilities to the next level with his full 2 hour class, or start here with a 20 minute intro.

Before your session:

Try to have a running version of photoshop available. Optional, but not necessary for this intro.

What will I learn in 20 minutes?

In this short intro you will learn some of the basics of photoshop, and Jim can answer some questions to pique your interest into the land of editing and some of the things you can create.


Jim is a photographer with 25 years of experience creating composites in Photoshop.​ He retired from his construction business and now lives in Surrey, BC.

Don't see a time that works for you?

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