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Budgets & Saving Money for Ice Cream

Take Your Hard-Earned Dollar Further with Maria's Guidance and Tips


Hi! I'm


These days you can find Maria road tripping with her husband in their converted school​ bus and dancing through their travels. Her passion is cooking Italian dishes and writing for her blog. She's into sustainability, a minimalist, and describes herself as a countessa-turned-hippie.


Maria is a retired trainer/facilitator for Tafe, Australia's largest trade school for professionals. She was head of department in the Business & Technology area for 20 years and played a part in bringing their classes online. Her main role was teaching teachers how to teach and engage their students.

The 40-min Experience

This session​ is an intro to helping you develop a personal budget and savings plan. You will identify and track your income and start to take into account your expenses and begin considering which obstacles are preventing you from saving. You will be given a few handy tips to help you with your goal.

You will pinpoint and address some of the obstacles preventing you from budgeting and set out a couple of realistic saving goals.

max 4 participants

Leaves Shadow


It was fantastic. Maria was extremely fascinating in her personality, but also with the amazing experience that she's had. I will learn so much more from her than the simple skills that I had originally signed up for. Thank you so much for such a fantastic platform.

Ben H, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


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