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Taught by Barry Morgan

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Lean Into Learning - How To Set & Meet Your Goals

Full class (coming soon)

20 minute coffee break class​


Barry introduces his 5 keys to success in this intro to his powerful lesson that covers setting your goals, effective note taking, writing and presenting, ​all this leads you to engaging and recalling more information on your journey to learning more.

What will I learn in 20 minutes?

You will begin to analyze some of your current learning tactics, and discover how effective realign your goal setting abilities to a higher level of productivity.


Barry is a Senior Hospitality Management Executive with over 35 years experience as an active member of the Canadian Society of Club Managers.  He has certification from the province of BC as a post secondary instructor.  He is a qualified FoodSafe Level 1 instructor and currently employed as the Hospitality Management Program Coordinator for Brighton College in Surrey, BC.

Over the years Barry has developed a Survey Service for the Private Club Industry in Canada and have assisted various consultants in the development of more effective websites.  He is a self taught expert in various computer software programs including online surveys, websites, Microsoft Office, etc. He currently works with (Gord Sarkission) Sarkoach to develop a Successful Student program that is offered to international students and others online that enhances their opportunities for success as a student and beyond.

Don't see a time that works for you?

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