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Laura Locander

Yuma, Arizona, USA

Living Life to Its Fullest - Personalized Nutrition & Exercise Planning


Laura takes her 30 years of experience as a retired nurse, and 30 years with a focus on women's health and creates a personalized diet and nutrition plan so you can begin to form good habits that create wellness and happiness. Her specialty is focusing on those living with long term illnesses (multiple sclerosis, rhumatoid arthritis, cancer etc)

What will this 20 minute intro include?

An informal chat on your daily routine, and some general tips to get you started toward living healthier and happier.


Laura has been a nurse for over 30 years​ working in emergency medicine, oncology, and a focus on women's health. She has also lived with progressive (now) multiple sclerosis, rhumatoid arthritis, and has just had surgery for a rare type of cancer. 

She now skis, water skis, hikes, travels and reads a book a week. She has travelled all over the US, England, Scotland., Canada, Mexico, Belize, Honduras and has lived in Dubai. She has one child and a dog with diabetes who is insulin dependant and lives with her in Yuma, Arizona . Laura is a very upbeat person, positive person who lives life to the fullest and is here to share that with you!

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