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Taught by Malka Foshner

Estero, Florida

How to Make your own Challah

60 min (coming soon)

20 minutes coffee break class

Malka will teach you how easy it can be to bake your challah, the Jewish traditional bread, made in honour of the Sabbath. She will guide you through the steps of mixing  and kneading the doug, right up until it's ready to rise (imagine that, in just 20 minutes!) 


You can either proceed on your own from there, from a PDF that will provided to you, on how to "take challah" (the real "blessing" part), braid, and bake... OR, you can watch this first segment, get a feel for the process, then put it all together, so to speak, when Part II, "Braiding and Baking" appears here at SĀGE. 

What you need to participate in this session

  1. If you plan to bake along with Malka, have your 7 ingredients ready (list will be provided upon registration) and have on hand a large mixing bowl, a set of basic measuring cups, and a pinch of chutzpah. Otherwise, just come, watch, and enjoy... until you're actually ready to try it yourself!.

What will I learn in 20 minutes?

In this session, you WILL learn that baking your own challah is pretty easy. You'll also get a bit of spiritual insight into the beauty of challah, as well.


Malka has been baking challah every week for the past 30+ years. She started baking weekly about 2 years, when she began delivering Fresh rolls to the Jewish residents at an assisted living facility. When she isn't baking challah or teaching sewing classes here on SĀGE, Malka also teaches at a public elementary schools in Florida, where she resides.

Malka grew up in Chevy Chase, MD and went to Brandeis University and then FIT. She's done many interesting things in her life, and now works in public elementary school in SW Florida.

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