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Taught by Malka Foshner

Estero, Florida

How to Sew by Hand 

60 min (coming soon)

20​ minute coffee break class


Malka can teach you the basics of sewing by hand. You can learn the basics in either age group class that you select:

  1. Kids ages 6-12 This age group will learn basic sewing skills using a larger, embroidery needle, embroidery floss, and brightly coloured felt. (Please note, and older sibling, parent, or other adult is more than welcome to sew along with the young sewers)

  2. Ages 12+ You will learn stitches to start your sewing journey with regular needles, thread, and fabric, so you will soon be able to do basic sewing jobs such as buttons or hems, sew simple items such as pillows, or even matching face masks for your family or to donate to medical staff. 

What you need to participate in this session

  1. Below you will be asked to indicate the option of your choice.

  2. Bring a needle, thread and fabric of your choice to the class. Younger kids please bring embroidery needles, embroidery floss (the thicker, 6 strand thread used for embroidery) and felt. 

What will I learn in 20 minutes?

You will learn one or various stitches, depending on the project. You will feel ready to sew or fix items by hand. 


Malka is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in Fashion Design, and has taught sewing to kids & teens for 15 years.

She grew up in Chevy Chase, MD and went to Brandeis University and then FIT. She's done many interesting things in her life, and now works in public elementary school in SW Florida.

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