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Is co-living the answer to longer living?

When we say ‘co-living,’ what do you picture?

House parties in college dorm rooms?

A bunch of millennials in a big shared apartment block?

Dying houseplants on the windowsill and ramen noodles in the cupboard?

What about... a group of retirees? Probabaly not.

Co-living one of the most talked-about trends because of two main factors:

  1. Affordability

  2. Community

Breaking this down, there is a reason that the co-living bug could be an exciting development for the older generations as well.

There is a shortage of safe and affordable housing for older people, and a rising tide of loneliness.

  1. The Health Affairs journal recently published a report on housing affordability for older people. By 2029, 7.8 million Americans age 75+ are expected to be unable to afford assisted living.

  2. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) found that more than one-third of American adults aged 45+ feel lonely, and nearly 1 in 4 adults aged 65+ are socially isolated.

We believe strongly in thinking boldly and creatively about solutions for older people, and are happy to shine a light on our friends at UpsideHōM (and not just because we both have overlines in our company name).

UpsideHōM partners with existing apartment complexes to lease individual units or blocks of units. The team vets the units to ensure that they are safe and appropriate for older people. For example, walk-in showers and no climbing stairs just to reach the front door. Couples or groups of friends can rent a unit, or individual applicants can be paired up with roommates. The UpsideHōM package includes housekeeping and other services — such as meals, rides etc.

And of course, access to give and take a ton of sĀge experiences!


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