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Interview: Nicole Priel

Nicole is Partner & Managing Director at Ibex Investors LLC

1. Where in the world are your family roots?


2. Are there any older people in your life who shaped your path and character? If so, who?

My late grandmother, a Holocaust survivor

3. What is your best / earliest / strongest memory of this person?

Sitting all the grandkids around the table and encouraging us to eat, enticing us with tootsie rolls.

4. What is a quote / something they always say / said?

"Are you from my town?" She was trying to determine peoples' roots.

5. What is the most valuable thing you learned from them?

To love and value life. Her last words were "I want to live!"

6. Kids these days will never know the simple pleasure of …

Playing out in the garden and catching fireflies.

7. What do you hope your grandkids will say about you one day?

That I was an easygoing person.

8. If you could pick from the Tree of Knowledge and solve one problem, what would it be?

Child abuse.


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