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Storytelling from cave walls to Cadbury bars

The history of storytelling goes back thousands of years.

Cave dwellers used pigment to paint on walls with their hands to create stories and myths.

The ancient Greeks carved their language into walls to tell how history was moving forward.

Storytelling preserved one of world's oldest cultures - the Aboriginal people of Australia - stories of “The Dreaming” to explain the air, the land, and the universe.

And now, we tell stories on shiny purple chocolate bars.

Cadbury launched a campaign in partnership with Aging UK, a project dubbed “Donate Your Words” that put snippets of stories told by older people.

Anne, who rode over the Alps with a toddler in the sidecar.

Linneth, who saw the world’s first ever carnival.

And Harry, who ran off with his family to join the travelling circus.

What do we love about this idea?

We love that for a bit of drama, excitement and fantasy, we don’t need an ounce of imagination or Netflix.

It reminds us that the most interesting people are living right next door, walking down the supermarket aisle, watching passers-by from the park bench.

The people who have lived and seen adventure, scandal, conflict and revolution.

We do not need to look far to find these stories.

In the UK alone, 225,000 older people go a whole week without speaking to anyone at all. That’s 225,000 untold stories waiting to be shared and greeted with delight and awe.

And chocolate.


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