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Home Makeover 101

Organization skills brought to your home and office


Hi! I'm


Anna has been transforming homes and offices in Chicago for the past 15 years. Many of her clients are downsizing or moving and use her services to set up their new homes. Her specialty is streamlining the process and addressing all aspects in a simple, straightforward manner. She explains all of your options based on your needs and desires.

Prior to home organization, Anna worked in information technology, providing computer support to employees. She left her corporate life in 2004 and has since provided hands-on organizing services to many in the Chicago area through Fresh Look Organizing.


Imagine.. your home/office neatly organized. Life is much easier and enjoyable with systems in place and clutter gone. Anna provides support and directs you through the organizing process.
Now online, she will customize and implement a seamless action plan, divided into one or several sessions, depending on your needs

The 40-min Experience

Anna will share how to start the organizing process, you can show her the challenging space and she can direct you with some tips and what to tackle first for some immediate solutions.

max 4 participants

Leaves Shadow



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