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Find Your Sense of Purpose

Reset & realign your inner compass


Hi! I'm


I lived most of my life in Ottawa, Canada's capital, and now lives in my hometown Montreal. I've also lived briefly in Vancouver and Israel. My children and grandchildren live in Montreal and Miami.

I am currently writing a book that focuses on my years of experience and the 3 C's that put users back in the driver's seat of life.


I have 30+ years experience in private education and community development. I currently work as an Intervention Specialist, providing support and training services to parents, educators &/or kids.

My focus is always with a positive approach, to help you tackle the paint points and difficulties that the participant has define before each session.

Some keys that I focus on:
- The Key to Clarity
- The Key of Control​
- The Key to Bulletproof​
- The Line
- The System
- The 3 C's (Character, Competence, Connection)
- The 5 Keys

The 40-min Experience

TOOLS! Baila is all about the practical tools and will have you leaving this short session with tools to help build your identity and confidence that strengthen your relationships, communication and personal values.

max 4 participants

Leaves Shadow


I was really inspired by Baila, not only that, it was so nice to see that someone who doesn't know me would spend time and try to get to and understand my core.

She gave me tools and personal projects that will help me get back to who I am. I really am so thankful that she has come into my life.

Ariela, USA


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