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Holistic Birthing

Natural Birthing & Post Partum Healing for New Moms


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Faigie has been a practising midwife for over 40 years. She has a medical background as an RN and was a professional masseur and teacher of calisthenics and meditation. Her skills in helping women is attributed to jointly including all of those skills. She enjoys helping women get a feel for the more natural approaches to health in pregnancy and labor as well as afterwards.

Her series includes tips for the breastfeeding mother as well . Take one class or a series of prenatal classes from the comfort of your home.


Faigie’s prenatal classes guides new moms to making them aware of their inner strengths to use in labour.

There are many ways to relieve pain- be it physically, emotionally or spiritually. Faigie knows that helping the individual woman in labor is dependent on her feeling confident and having trust in herself. Half the battle is being relaxed and positive at all times. Her gentle manner and pleasant disposition has gained her many repeat clients.

The 40-min Experience

Faigie will address those issues that stump many future moms.

max 4 participants

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Fayge was perfect.
I can’t wait for the next lesson

Dina U, New York, USA


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