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Turn Doodles into Illustrations

The Science & Benefits of Doodling and Creating Masterpieces


Hi! I'm


Francis was born in Ireland and spent her school years in America, the Canary Islands, Australia, Ireland, England and Scotland! Her favourite topics are archaeology and history. She loves her profession, in all its variations.

Francis currently teaches art from her home studio, and participates in art collaborations as well as lectures. She also write poetry, and recently published a book called 'Fly on the Wall' with snippets of conversation overheard in cafes.

Twice a week she sits in a cafe with her friend, sunglasses on, and she sketches strangers on the tables nearby. Visit her website to see some of her art.


Francis is an international painter and a qualified art teacher who will teach you how to develop your scribbles into a design. She teaches a class titled, THE PSYCHOLOGY OF DOODLING, and will share some of it with you. Ask her to show you some examples of famous authors' and presidents' doodles too!

The 40-min Experience

You will learn some benefits to sketching and maybe have enough time to turn your own doodles into illustrations!

max 4 participants

Leaves Shadow


I learned a lot about the psychology behind doodling and its benefits. It was interesting to also learn what each doodle might mean

Ben, Mexico


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