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Biblical highlights: The Book of Prophets

Ask all the Big Questions, and Learn How Much we have in Common with our Favourite Bible Heroes.


Hi! I'm


Goldie​ is a former social worker and teacher who has dedicated her last 10 years to teaching adults. She teaches her classes sprinkled with thoughts from Chabad Chassidut and loves to share make her subjects come alive. No knowledge of Hebrew or Jewish background necessary.

Some fun facts about Goldie: She moved from Florida to Israel 12 years ago, and now resides in Tel Aviv. She loves ceramics, is full of wisdom, and always up for a laugh.


Learn about some of our greatest prophets, and biblical heroes, their lives and life lessons that we can bring into our own lives. Stories like 'The Life of King David' where we can connect to tremendous feelings he expresses in his Psalms.

The 40-min Experience

Goldie will share text-based stories and little known background information.

Some suggested characters:
The life of King David
The life of Samuel the prophet
The life of Joshua
The story of David & Goliath

Other prophets or biblical characters can be shared too. Please specify during sign up to let Goldie know if there is something specific you'd like to learn about.

max 4 participants

Leaves Shadow


The classes are short and yet there is a connection to learn something that I am interested in.

The person giving the class is so down to earth.

Faigie H, Montreal, Canada


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