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How to Start a Non-Profit

The A to Z for building a non-profit organization from the one who wrote the rule book, and former music festival producer.


Hi! I'm


Jim has been and continues to be a nonprofit consultant, community organizer, and national political activist. For more than twenty years, Jim has been advising a wide variety of nonprofit organizations, ranging from local arts organizations to major music and art festivals to memory care facilities to political campaigns on matters ranging from long range strategic planning to board development to fund raising to basic operations.

Jim is a former board member for several nonprofits, including Seattle Events, the Washington State Alternative Artisans Guild, Reclaim the Media, and the Northwest Community Partnership, as well as being a past president of the board of the Seattle Folklore Society.

He has also been involved with organizing community and political events, coordinating rallies, meetings, nature cleanups, and strategies that raised millions for their causes. He authored 'Everything Non-Profit' after a request from a publisher following his youtube videos, and 'Everything Guide to Starting a Non-Profit'. He also taught on the subject. If legal advice is needed, Jim can direct you to the right professionals.

His personal business card says' Consultant to the Resistance', in his words: 'It may be resistance to pain, or sorrow, or any number of things - yes - up to and including resistance to bad things happening to good people.'

Jim's passion is music. In his professional career he's directed and produced festivals all around the US west coast. He lives in a small town a ferry ride from Seattle. On any day you can find him playing his penny whistle, or hammered dulcimer.


Jim wrote the 'Everything Non-Profit Toolkit', literally. He's here to walk you through a guided step-by-step process for setting up your own Non-Profit.

The 40-min Experience

An informal chat with Jim to answer some preliminary questions and assess the benefits to bringing your organization into the Non-Profit world.

max 4 participants

Leaves Shadow


Thank you so much for providing a space to connect with someone who has experience and is willing to share his knowledge. Jim gave us his time and valuable information to kickstart us in the right direction. We left feeling a sense of empowerment. Thank you, thank you!P.s. the site is very well done and easy to use!

Baila, New York, planTogether


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