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Fix Your Own Home Repairs

A How-To Masterclass for Fixing from A to Z


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Mechel's construction expertise ranges from constructing homes, plumbing, welding, to large and tiny electrical projects. He brought up his family in an old farmhouse he purchased 40 years and completely gutted and rebuilt. Fun fact: he used beams from Montreal's Belmont Park's rollercoaster after the amusement park closed in 1983.

When he's not spending time with his grandkids, you'll find him dreaming up and creating wonderful mechanical inventions that do or do not serve a purpose but are always entertaining.

Mechel was born and bred in Montreal, and knows almost every street ​in the city. He was an active stock car racer in his 30s, and also flew small airplanes. Today his interests are vintage cars, Alfred Hitchcock movies, a good clean joke, and sudoku or crossword puzzles.


Mechel guides you on a variety of home projects where you may find yourself stumped. Anything from painting/plastering help, to how to use your home tools, electrical guidance to tiling and furniture building.

The 40-min Experience

You will feel more confident in your home renovation skills and be one step closer to completing your DIY project!

max 4 participants

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