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Master your Excel Spreadsheets

For Beginner to Advanced Levels, and from all Angles


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Neil has used Excel for many years and is an expert in both Excel and Excel VBA. VBA is the programming language embedded in Excel. Neil has written Excel spreadsheets that have been used to manage the risk of multi-billion dollar fixed income derivative portfolios. Neil has also written spreadsheets to manage his personal finances, his stocks and bonds portfolios, for vacation planning, and in general, to keep track of a whole lot of things.

Neil is currently a high school computer science teacher. This is his fourth year of teaching. Prior to teaching, Neil had a long and storied career in financial software, working at some of the leading hedge funds and Wall Street firms.

Separately, Neil is also a great believer in Google sheets. Though it lacks a lot of the functionality of Excel, it is free, and works seamlessly across all devices including his computers and his phone. Neil keeps his To Do List spreadsheet in Google Sheets and backs up all of his Excel spreadsheets onto Google Drive.​


Neil has lived in Israel, London and Chicago but now resides in Westchester, New York with his wife and 3 children.


Neil's class is offered to anyone who wants to excel in Excel! If you want to learn the basics of spreadsheets and how they might be useful to you or you are a power-Excel user with questions, Neil is your man!

The 40-min Experience

You will be one step close to utilizing Excel to its full potential!

max 4 participants

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Learnt lots like how to do an expense and incoming sheet. Great trainer!



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