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Live your Life: Write your own Obituary

Your Dreams, Goals, Stories - They're all in your Hands. Make your own Legacy.


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Patricia Benesh, is the visionary behind and, drawing English-speaking writers from around the world. Since 1999, Patricia has helped writers succeed based on their realistic goals and expectations. Among her clients was Thomas Steinbeck (son of John Steinbeck). Her services address fiction, nonfiction, and memoir writing and include manuscript development, review, editing, publishing, and marketing. offers a suite of memoir-writing materials including 7 Memories: How to Write a Memoir in 28 Days; 7 Memories: Partnering to Write a Memoir; 7 Memories: Write Your Awesome Obituary, available at Amazon, and the online program, MemoirMagicTM. Her guides show individuals, step-by-step, how to write their own memoirs or obituaries. Family, friends, activity directors, and caregivers learn how to help others create memoirs or obituaries. Her books and workshops are based on Reminiscence Therapy to spark memories for those whose recall may be fading. Her book, 7 Memories: Partnering to Write a Memoir, is a required text by UCSD in its intergenerational Life Course Scholars program.

A former professor at The Johns Hopkins University, Patricia holds a doctorate from Johns Hopkins. She has spoken at numerous US and international conferences and is recognized in Who's Who in Education. She has published extensively in books, journals, and business periodicals and has written for the Huffington Post, American Chronicle,, EzineArticles, and Suite 101.

Patricia lives in San Diego, CA with her life partner and enjoys the sunny SOCAL life.


A self-written obituary is one of the most loving gifts you can leave your family and friends. Patricia shows the rationale and formula for writing an awesome obituary while you are alive … writing it for yourself or for another. She has literally written the book on this and her method is based on the New York Times model that celebrates life.

The 40-min Experience

The basic structure and philosophy for writing an awesome obituary that celebrates life. Patricia will also guide you onto how to choose the obit photo to jump-start the obituary.

What you need for this intro?
- Choose to write your own obituary or write it for another
- Bring a chosen obit photo
- Bring your favourite note-taking device

max 4 participants

Leaves Shadow



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