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Peek into the Supreme Court

A Retired Judge Shares Insider Stories and Life Experience


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Hon. Peter Buchsbaum clerked for the Chief Justice of New Jersey in 1970-1971, then served as a Superior Court judge for 9 years focusing mainly on family and civil cases. He graduated from Cornell University & Harvard Law School. He taught a course and writes articles on the topic of Judging.

Peter, originally from New York, lived in Western New Jersey for 45 years and now spends some of his post-retirement in Israel together with his wife. They have three grown sons, one of which has autism.


Peter offers an informal peek into his career, sharing some of his stories and Q&A from anyone curious enough to take his SĀGE class.

The 40-min Experience

Hon. Buchsbaum will share some interesting cases he's had during his career, and answer your questions.

max 4 participants

Leaves Shadow


Mostly I just got to connect with Peter and hear some wild stories from his time on the bench!

Anonymous, Israel


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