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Leadership Development for Personal & Corporate


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Phil was raised in Michigan, New Jersey and Florida and now lives. in San Antonio, Texas together with his husband.


Phil is an experienced, energetic, and enthusiastic Global Organizational Development Leader with expertise in business transformation consulting, leadership development coaching and organizational culture change. His approach is holistic, and he encourages a change of mindset into his sessions.

Phil’s corporate career spanned more than 35 years, working for 6 Fortune 100 Companies in 2 industries on 5 continents. While in his numerous leadership roles, Phil led more than 12 organizational turnarounds. His expertise impacted successful turnarounds for teams, divisions, departments, and companies. He has written a series of 3 books that frames the work of leaders. In addition to consulting, he writes for the Good Men Project as well.

The 40-min Experience

Phil breaks down his 3 essential traits of leadership based on his book 7 Essential Traits of Leaders: Developing Your Unique Leadership Style. He is a proficient coach, mentor, and guide for leaders.

Phil will give you practical tips to start on your path to becoming an effective leader. You feel more confident and understand why mindset is an important in achieving your goals.

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Leaves Shadow


I walked away with three action items that will really help me in my management role. It was very focused and applicable and useful.

Tabea, Tel Aviv, Israel


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