Taught by Sheila Posner

Sydney, Australia

Intro to Watercolour Painting 


Sheila will show samples of her work & demonstrate some watercolour techniques. These include, laying down a wash & mixing a shadow colour, using a beachscape for inspiration.

What will I learn in 20 minutes?

You will have a feel for some techniques that create the watercolour art you've seen in your favourite galleries. 


Sheila grew up on London, where she first studied art. She trained as an high school art teacher in Perth, Australia and established an art gallery there, and then again in Sydney when she moved there in 2008. Since 2011, Sheila has been teaching a class called 'Travel Sketchbook'  on cruises, at her own studio, and other venues around Sydney. Her work can be found here: Meshgallery.com.au

Some fun facts about Sheila: She lived in the Bahamas for 3 years where she made and sold clothing. She loves to travel and has been married to her husband since she was 20 years old. They have 2 kids, and 1 grandchild. 

Sheila's Reviews

I was inspired to try travel sketching with watercolor and learned great tips about the types of materials needed, how to use the paints and draw shadows for effect, how to mix the colors, etc.

— Malka H, Montreal, Canada

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