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Dive into the world of investing and financial planning with 4 new local friends

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I'm Ben!


I'm an investment and finance expert who has spent the last 25 years working for a number of successful investment management firms, and eventually founding Maimon Wealth that specializes in cross-boarder financial for American families living in Israel and those living the US.

I recently created an automated financial advisor for early beginners investors.


I was raised in Seattle, Washington and spent 20 years in New York and New Jersey, working there and eventually moving to Raanana, Israel in 2005 where I live with my wife and 4 kids who live closeby.

Outside of finances (and during lockdowns), you can find me involved in my community, and dividing my time between work, exercise and family.


This experience is run with 4 participants in a period of 40 minutes. What can you expect? Interaction with other locals, and valuable information to guide you to beginner's investing. You'll also chance to connect to 3 other participants with similar interests.

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I thought Ben was fantastic, approachable, and broke things down about a subject I was a total novice in. I thought the group size was perfect as well.


It highlighted a lot about investing I hadn't even considered for example the advantages of investing if you have duel citizenship.


I appreciated the calendar reminders as well leading up to the event and easy sign-up!

— Bracha A, Jaffa, Israel

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