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Taught by Denise Luboff

Sydney, Australia

'Train Your Brain' Mental Stimulation for a Sharper Mind


'Train your Brain' taps into years of research that mental stimulation helps stave off the onset of premature ageing, depression, lethargy and early mental deterioration. 


Denise has been running this course for over 30 years. 'Train Your Brain' encompass many interesting categories such as vocabulary, interesting words and phrases, brain teasers and word puzzles, number puzzles, catch phrases, general knowledge, quizzes, film and book discussion and analysis, literature and more. 

After graduating from teachers's training, Denise was encouraged by her professor to take her research that was used for children with special needs and adapt it to this specially designed program for older adults. But anyone can take the class! It's fun, challenging, and as Denise states, 'it's an alternative to bridge'.

Denise taught elementary students, eventually moving on to teach English Literature, her major and passion, to high school students. She was also a speech and drama teacher, which plays into her courses as well. 

Denise moved from South Africa to Sydney, Australia in 1996 together with her husband and 3 sons. She wrote a book titled, Jeez mom, what planet are you from? The book is filled with tips for life she wanted to share with her sons, and much to her surprise, they had it published.

Denise's Reviews

My session was a dynamic quick-thinking exercise.  Loved it!

I've enjoyed hooking up with another SAGE to increase my brain power.  Wonderful!

— Sarah H, Toronto, Canada

Don't see a time that works for you?

Don't see a time that works for you?

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