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Sandi Einstein

Sydney, Australia

Peer Support: Dealing with Bipolar and Depression

20 minute coffee break session

Sandi, a former Deputy school principal with years of education under her belt and years of experience in education offers sessions on opening up about depression and bipolar including the steps of how Sandi endeavours to deal with it.



Sandi will share her experiences and challenges that she has dealt with over the past 40 years and is open for any questions.

Some of the topics she can talk to you about include

  • Her experience as a high achiever and how mental illness can affect anyone and why there is no reason for shame

  • How important it is to know when to ask for help and the importance of a support network

  • The importance of being compliant with medications recognizing how to be grateful to those who have helped you and equally as important being grateful for your ability to help others.

What you need to participate in this session

  1. Answer the question below, 'what do you want to talk about during this session' to have Sandi best prepared.

What will I learn in 20 minutes?

You will have connected with someone who might have gone through something you may be currently going through, and have a safe space to share some of it.

Sandi is not a qualified counselor and is here to offer peer support to anyone going through a similar struggle. 



Sandi was a former deputy principal of Little Moriah College in Sydney, Australia. She left the world of education in schools in the 1980’s and opened up the Einstein Education Centre where she taught pupils how to use software packages. This also involved setting schools up with beginner coding classes.


More recently she focuses her time on caring for the elderly and she finds them just as interesting as the young kids in school.


Sandi lives in Sydney, Australia with Buster, her poodle and constant companion.

60 min (coming soon)

Sandi's Reviews

I learned some great tips and tools for helping friends struggling with mental illness.

— Leanne O, USA

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